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Neon is a FREE digital signage technology company - allowing businesses to transform screens in their venues into personalized marketing and entertainment billboards.

We are here, there, and everywhere

Golf Clubs

Engage and entertain your golfers in the lobby, shops, restaurant and bar.


From menu boards to special promotions and entertaining content, elevate your TV screen experience.

Medical Clinics

Transform doctors' office & hospital waiting rooms into patient education and entertainment hubs.


From the waiting room to the back office, use your screens to share content, promotions, and announcements.


Zoos, aquaruims, bowling alleys, trampoline parks and much more use Neon for digital signage and content.


Promote all your services and customize your content to match your audience.

Transit Fleets

Promote your message inside and on top of rideshare vehicles.


Furniture, home improvement, electornic and grocery stores use Neon to engage with their customers and highlight promotions.

Let this be the easy part of your day


Add the Neon stick to your TV

Pick a TV, add the Neon software and connect it to wifi

Load your content

Work with the Neon team to upload your custom content feed

Enjoy simple signage

Sit back and relax because we just simplified sigange for you.
Why you need Neon

There are a million reasons, but here are the top 6


Increase Sales

19% of shoppers made an unplanned purchase of something promoted digitally in a retail setting. In restaurants, the number of unplanned purchases jumps to 80%.

Save Money

Every penny matters when you’re running a business and you spend thousands every month printing menus, promotions & price sheets. Stop burning cash and use the TV screens you already own.

Save Time

You know how tiresome and time-consuming it may be to change signage. It is a hassle that keeps on returning every week or month. With Neon your employees can focus on bigger tasks.

Custom Entertainment

Cut the cable and create a custom streaming channel that mixes your content with our extensive library of licensed sports, outdoors, health, music, and travel media.

Remote Management

Control any sign in any location directly from your office or phone giving you full control of remote updates, announcements and custom messaging by location.


Yes that is true. Neon is free, aka it will cost you nothing to add or use on a monthly basis.

Add Free Digital Signage to Your Business

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