Digital Signage
for Grocery Stores & Markets.

Use digital signage in your grocery store, market or food bodega to engage, entertain and communicate with shoppers.

Neon Screens Grocery
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“Our market can update food prices in real-time on screens across our market to decrease wase and increase revenues."


“Our seafood sales have grown exponentially since we started using digital displays to feature recipes for fresh food items."

Neon + You

Neon Screens helps supermarkets, grocery stores and markets deliver meaningful, powerful messages that resonate with shoppers and staff. With a few clicks on Neon, you can instantly highlight special offers, update fresh food pricing, and increase point-of-sale purchases – while saving time and money.

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Save Money

Stop printing expensive banners and signs to promote your food items. Neon’s digital signage solution let's you share high-quality, dynamic messaging easily and affordably.

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Increase Sales

Use digital signage to easily update pricing on store displays to increase margins, decrease waste, and instantly adjust to market changes on perishable food items.

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Use images and videos to highlight unique recipes, product stories, and customer testimonials to engage with loyal shoppers in every aisle of your store.

Neon Screens Grocery

Update pricing sheets and menu boards instantly.

In a volatile pricing market, use Neon to update pricing sheets and special offers in real-time to increase revenues and reduce food waste.

Increase revenues by
promoting exclusive,
seasonal products.

Generate more revenue when you showcase limited-time products, seasonal offerings and special promotions to shoppers in every aisle.

Neon Screens Grocery
Neon Screens Grocery

Replace expensive, outdated banners and menu boards with digital screens.

Printed banners and boards are expensive – and frequently need to be replaced. 

Save staff time and marketing money providing real-time updates on digital displays.

Programmatic content
updates on any screen
in any location.

Your messaging needs to change in an instant, and Neon helps educators publish custom content simply and beautifully from your mobile device. 

Neon Screens Location
Neon Screens Customer Support

Award-winning customer support, every step of the way.

Neon is here to help with graphic design, display management, campaign strategy and signage growth. Neon’s digital signage experts will support you every step of the way.

Setup In Under 5 Minutes

We make it easy to get started on Neon today.

Neon Screens Hardware Setup

Plug In

Insert your Neon device in the TV's HDMI port.



Connect the device to your private WiFi network and log into your Neon account.



Using your Neon Dashboard, publish content directly to any screen in your network.

Enterprise Level Features to Fit Your Needs

Live Content Deployment

Keep your content relevant to increase audience engagement. Update content, playlists and publications in real-time, anytime.

Programmatic Displays

Schedule when your priority content is displayed and how often it plays. Customize content displays by the time of day or update it instantly.

Free Content Library

Access Neon's huge database of licensed content, including entertainment across sports, travel, health, food, comedy, and more.

Display Monitoring

Receive real-time insights across all of your screens, including interactive maps, playback analysis, and live performance & health insights.

Display Management

Easily manage hundreds to thousands of screens in your network from your phone, tablet or computer.

User Roles & Permissions

Fully-customizable access levels for specified content and screens for each individual on your team.

Automatic Updates

Neon's automatic updates ensure you never need to worry about installing the latest version of our software.

Local Backup

Content is stored locally on each device to reduce Wi-Fi bandwidth streaming and ensure a backup option.


Top notch security to keep all your files, data, and content as secure as possible.

Simple & Affordable

Powerful digital signage software for a low monthly cost.

Unlimited Displays Per Grocery Store Location

Add as many displays to your account to build a robust, store-wide, communication network.

Award Winning Customer Service

With unlimited content options, you can easily build a page without coding.

Per Screen Rate

$25 per month

$240 billed annually
  • Unlimited displays
  • Unlimited storage
  • Customer support

Add Neon to Your Grocery Store

Use digital signage in your food market or grocery store to engage and inform your guests, easily and affordably.

Our solution is so simple, it only takes 5 minutes to setup!