Why Digital Signage Works

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Take Print Out of the Picture.  Use Digital Signage to Update Your Marketing Strategy

Good advertising is the backbone of every business. So why do so many companies still use print marketing to reach their customers?

Not only is print an expensive and outdated way to communicate, but it also is a challenge to keep updated, exhaustive to scale, and can be extremely wasteful. #savemoretrees 

Today, businesses can rely on solutions like Neon to translate messages into powerful digital signage. 

Digital Signage Today notes “Digital Signage lays out a solution of flexibility in a time when adaptation is crucial. With a press of a button, messages can change on digital signage to whatever is of most priority at that time”. 

Successful marketing campaigns give customers insights on company pricing, promotions, upcoming events, and special offers that are currently available…and with digital signage you can update these messages insights in an instant!

Digital Signage has numerous advantages compared to traditional marketing methods. Not only does digital signage attract the most eyeballs and attention, but it also gives businesses engaging access to their target audience and a quick ROI on their marketing dollars.

There are unlimited uses for digital signage – we see them everywhere! Bus stops. Airport gate displays. Menu boards in restaurants. Even when you are filling up your gas tank! There are endless possibilities for businesses to reach their customers through digital signage.

With Neon, you have the ability to control your screens from a simple remote dashboard. Create dynamic and colorful advertising to engage with your customers or team. Use Neon’s digital platform to create personalized channels give your customers clearer calls to action.

Neon Screens is very easy to use and set up. Setup a demo with Neon today to start building your digital signage strategy!

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Use Neon Digital Signage for School Campus Updates